Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is is the official single-game suites and premium experiences website of the Milwaukee Bucks. This site is designed specifically for premium suite and rental sales (e.g. Luxury Suites, Premium Rentals, Suite Tickets, etc.) The Milwaukee Bucks operate this website and it is powered by SuitePro.

Am I buying directly from the team/venue?

Yes. The suites posted for sale on this website are directly from the Milwaukee Bucks.

Shopping for a Suite or Loge Box

How do I purchase a Milwaukee Bucks suite or premium space?

To rent a Milwaukee Bucks suite at Fiserv Forum, click on the game you wish to attend via the RESERVE NOW page to see available suite and premium rental options. A suite can be purchased directly from the website by entering your credit card details or by contacting the Bucks Premium Team at 414-227-0842 or [email protected].

When do I get my tickets after booking a suite?

Following your purchase, all tickets and parking will be delivered electronically via the Milwaukee Bucks Mobile App or Web Browser A member of the Bucks Premium department will also be in touch shortly after your purchase to explain this process and answer any outstanding questions you might have.

How are my tickets delivered?

All tickets and parking will be loaded into your online account, via the Milwaukee Bucks Mobile App or Web Browser Tickets cannot be printed at home or elsewhere and your dedicated representative can provide instructions on how to access and transfer tickets or parking. To electronically transfer tickets or parking to other guests, you must have that respective guest’s mobile number or email address and the guest must also have the Milwaukee Bucks Mobile app on his or her smartphone. Access to the arena will be limited to Mobile Entry ONLY.

Will the suite be private to my group?

Yes. All suites listed are fully private to your group only.

Are suites ADA accessible?

Yes. All suites and premium products are ADA accessible. Guests will enter through the BMO Entrance on the East side of the building and take the elevators up to their respective space.


What forms of payment are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted, including: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. In some cases, suites can be purchased via check only after speaking with a Bucks representative and if there is a sufficient amount of time prior to the game purchased.

Is payment required in full?

Payment in full is required upon booking in order to secure a suite or premium space.

Are there any additional fees?

No. The price shown is the price you pay, with no additional hidden fees, taxes, etc. The only other cost(s) you would incur would be for food and beverage, as well as additional suite tickets and parking above the included amounts.

Refund Policy

Can I cancel my suite reservation?

No. Per our sales terms and conditions, all suite and premium rental sales are final. For more information on rescheduled events or cancelled events please see below.

What if my event is postponed/rescheduled?

If a game is rescheduled, your suite tickets and parking will be valid for the rescheduled event.

What if my event is cancelled?

If your game is cancelled, a refund will be issued to the purchaser on the card used to purchase the suite. You will also be given an opportunity to select an alternate date/event space baring availability with money on file.

Planning Your Premium Experience

How and when do I order catering?

For suites that do not include food and beverage, catering is available to purchase via Levy Restaurants in advance of your event. Following your purchase, a member of the Bucks premium team will be in touch via email or phone to provide you with further catering instructions and contact information. PLEASE NOTE: Food and beverage orders must be placed at least (5) business days prior to the event to ensure ability to order from the entire menu. If you are inside that time frame, guests can order from Gameday menu, which is more limited in options. Guests may also purchase food and beverage individually from general concessions and bring these items back to the suite.

Am I required to purchase catering?

No, in-suite catering is not required to purchase and there is no catering minimum. Guests can also purchase food and drink individually from general concessions and bring these items back to the suite. Outside food and beverage is not permitted inside the arena.

How much does catering typically cost?

Catering costs will depend on what type of food and drinks are ordered as well as the quantities. On average, groups that purchase in-suite catering will spend about $100 per person for a spread of food and beverage (alcohol included). There is no catering minimum, however, and catering is not required. Guests may also purchase general concessions and bring back to their suite. Check with your Bucks representative to see if any food and beverage is included with your suite.

Can I purchase additional tickets for my suite?

Please refer to your suite reservation and Bucks representative to see if additional suite tickets are available to purchase. To purchase additional suite tickets (if applicable), please contact your Bucks representative to complete the transaction. Additional tickets will be delivered electronically, via the Milwaukee Bucks Mobile app.

Can I get guest passes for my suite?

Guest passes are not allowed for any suites at Fiserv Forum. If you would like to host additional guests, you will have to purchase standing room only tickets up to the maximum allowed for your suite type.

What is the child ticket policy for suites?

Children two (2) years of age and under will not require a separate ticket for admission into Fiserv Forum.

What am I permitted to bring into the suite (and Fiserv Forum)?

Bags larger than a 4” x 6 x 1” clutch are not permitted within Fiserv Forum. Exceptions to this policy are diaper bags and bags needed due to medical necessity, which will need to be x-rayed by security. Prohibited items may differ depending on the specific event day restriction. Fiserv Forum is unable to store any prohibited items and guests will be asked to return such items to their vehicles. For additional rules and information, please visit Fiserv Forum A-Z Guide

Does my suite ticket give me access to other areas?

Suite tickets will provide access to your dedicated space as well as any other public spaces (i.e. Panorama Club, concourses) within Fiserv Forum.

Game Day Questions

Where do I park?

Your parking passes are eligible for the Highland Parking Structure, located at the below address.

Highland Parking Structure
1060 N. 6th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53203

The entrance is off of 6th street heading Northbound.

Where do I find the VIP Entrances?

VIP entrances can be found on the map below. The Johnson Controls entrance (A) on the NW side of the Arena or the Main Entrance (B) on the East side of the Arena.

When does my suite open?

Suite access opens 90 minutes before game time unless otherwise noted.

Can I order food and beverage from my suite on game day?

An array of catering options are available in your suite and premium rental space. For menu questions and to place an order please reach out to Katie Ruffolo at [email protected] or 414-918-4141. All orders must be confirmed at least 5 business days prior to the Event Date. Orders placed less after the given deadline will be accommodated using the Day of Event menu. Additional Food and Beverage charges will be processed the day of the event.

Do I tip our suite attendant?

Yes, gratuity is customary.

If I have an issue with my suite on game day, who can I contact?

If you have an issue, please contact your Bucks Premium Sales representative and your suite attendant at Fiserv Forum.


If I'm having trouble booking a suite online, who can I contact?

If you are having trouble booking a suite online, please contact the Bucks Premium Department at 414-227-0842 or email [email protected].

I booked a suite, but I haven't received my tickets yet. Where are they?

If you are having trouble receiving your tickets, please contact the Bucks Premium Team at 414-227-0842 or [email protected].

Still have questions?

Reach out and a Bucks representative will be happy to assist you